44 poems and 1 short story. Author's edition.



A woman, strength and fragility and the impact of environmental and human transformation.

Creation is something that is born from within, from a relationship between the inside and the outside, the void and the whole - a mystery made in life, which has the ability to transform the world around it.

I situate myself in agency with the world and its actuality, in the potential for transformation.

My works can be understood in the relationship between them, through the eco-somatic soil that permeates them and where I walk as a woman's body.

Today, I define my work as CREATION - where I exhibit my works and artistic creations in different ways, where I am an author, creator, researcher and artist. And also in the provision of services that SUPPORT CREATION - where I am there for others as a facilitator of processes that help the authentic, natural and individual self-creation of the being, doula and carer in birth and maternity care.

Life creates and in it we are constantly reinventing ourselves and seeking to express and increase our powers to act, with the body being the path where this form of movement and creation takes place, until it transcends all of this to meet something unified.
There is a unity that binds us as beings.
The soul celebrates this unity.

It has to be said that this work only exists because everything that is described is experienced in a BODY - mine - often becoming both form and object.
And it is in the body that I encounter the most sacred thing that animates me, a field of possibilities in deep connection with nature.





GABRIELA GONÇALVES Transdisciplinary artist.

She is a creator and researcher in the field of the arts and the body. She has a degree in Fine Arts and Photography from ESAP (PT) and has been working with dance for over 30 years. She completed her academic studies in the postgraduate programme Body, Differences and Education at FAV (BR). She attended Forum Dança's PACAP3 Advanced Performing Arts Programme and has presented her work in different countries. In 2022 she was a guest artist at Pulsar Cia de Dança (BR) and a member of the "Recovery Project" (RO).

Her career includes various trips, training courses, residencies, exhibitions, projects and constant searches within the artistic, educational and social spheres. Her work, whether written, spoken, performed or danced, whether therapeutic, ritual or personal development, is based on her strongest values, which are linked to nature and her way of seeing creation.

An attentive woman who listens sensitively, she also takes her work into the area of natural female health, conscious motherhood and the rescue of the sensitive through the body, its processes and behaviours.

An enthusiast of expression, creative collaborations, courage and responsible transformations that raise human potential to the harmonious vibration of the Earth, he believes that deep questioning through philosophy, poetry, spirituality, art, ecology and life have an intrinsic and inseparable connection.