A Água da Primeira Pedra

This book contains 44 poems + 1 short story:
Poems and restless reflections that suggest the landscapes and questions of today and of all times.
A short story that describes what happens in the letters shared between four women who live by feeling and tirelessly searching for themselves, their relationships and what it means to live in today's world.

A book that talks about the forces of breaking and transformation.
Current affairs and emotion, too.

Author's edition

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O corpo no movimento de criação

This work is a body of philosophical and poetic thought of a personal nature, which aims to uncover themes of the body, perception, time, movement and the act of creation.

Following an evolutionary line that interconnects these and other themes, it is based on academic research that draws on concepts developed by other thinkers (Bergson, Deleuze and José Gil) and forms a subject of interest to artists, dancers, thinkers, poets and creators who are immediately involved in the artistic context, but also to all those who are potential creators and agents of life, in other words all those who have a thinking and acting body - and this is inherent in all human beings.
There is a unity that binds us as beings.
It communicates an open moment, without pretending to be conclusive and where the sensations and emotions that arise in it are allowed to be present and communicate the body, thinking, acting and what is to come. Life creates and in it we are constantly reinventing ourselves and seeking to increase our powers to act.

In a free and almost spontaneous way, simple and accessible, it is a brief journey that aims to show that whoever inhabits a body is in constant creative movement.

Publisher Appris

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"Sábiamar was an old girl who lived by the sea, and it was in this place by the sea that she did everything she wanted throughout the day, and where she went to rest at night. She lived peacefully and felt something different every moment."

A poetic and philosophical tale for children and adults, where the sensory landscape predominates and envelops the reader, bringing them back to the simple, beautiful and natural things in life.

Author's edition

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Available in Portuguese and English

Poemas para o coração das montanhas

There are poems inside each of us.

In every act, gesture or touch that allows the sensitivity and intimacy of the exchange to be present, something sacred happens.
The skin and the word communicate the inside and the outside.
We all have skin, words, touch and heart. Just like the sensitivity and strength of the mountains, holding the wisdom of this living land.
In presence and love, in the movements of nature.

There are hands that hold poems on their skin. 
Because where nature manifests itself is the form in which the soul changes.

22 poems

Author's edition, handmade.

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