It is a space for somatic and expressive exploration in processes to rescue sensitivity, self-questioning, authenticity and personal development through the body, movement and creativity.


Where nature manifests itself is the form in which the soul exchanges.

The work of BODY: FERTILE-FIELD is aimed at inner connection, promoting the recovery of the sensitive body and its connection with the creative and life-generating feeling, through individual or group sessions that will facilitate the processes of self-creation.

It's a space dedicated to experimentation, offering techniques of body awareness, somatic exploration, integral vision of the being, authentic expression, movement and writing. Creative, therapeutic and connecting with nature associated with deep ecology.




It's important to speak and listen to each other, as well as to give freedom to individual expression, the body and gestures in a witnessed way so that we can better inhabit the body that we are.

Questioning our desires and fears, questioning our most intimate experiences in a healing, creative and poetic way - because rationality often doesn't give us the easy way out or the heartfelt answer - allows us to enter our bodies and open up the experience to who we are.

Recovering sensitivity requires a path, an openness and a body. It requires embodying life.

The body contains our history.

I believe that it is in the territory of possibilities - of construction, of rewriting, of curiosity - that work on the body's memories rescues its flow and its deep feeling. An unearthing in order to root everything in another, more natural system of intersections between future and ancestry and danceable memories.

We do have a multidimensional body of innate wisdom, connected to nature and its processes of birth, life, death, transformation and regeneration, which seeks to be in balance, harmony and unity. With the strength of resistance and resilience to open up to political and social questions, being an agent in the world. On Earth.

Realising that we are a fertile field and that just as in nature, all of life's creative potential grows within us.

Group sessions

Work focussed on the energy of the group. Through the power that exists in the encounter between bodies, and taking into account the individuality of each one, a working process is opened up where we will be deeply connected with our inner selves and with the reality of the nature of the moment.
In these meetings there is a deep and unique work, so there is no generalised form and a continuous process is suggested.

Sessions of 1h30m / 3h.
Face-to-face in nature, in the classroom, or online.

Longer seasonal retreats, in person, immersed in nature. 2024 - SPRING and AUTUMN

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Who it's aimed at:

To all people (adults or teenagers) who want to do some inner work, find their sensitive body and their connection through movement, creative expression and symbolic language.

No prior knowledge is required, just a willingness to open up to exploration.

Each session allows:
Enter the creative flow of life
Broaden vision and generate movement
Flexibilising and relaxing our automatisms and defensive reactions
Updating the body
Associating and feeling body-mind-soul unity

One-to-one sessions

The work is focused on individuality. No form is generalised and each case is looked at singularly, with its own process and appropriate commitment. We will be connected to the reality of nature at all times.
Accompaniment is an in-depth work, so only continuity will show when it is complete, through the person's feelings and the goals achieved.

The sessions last 1 hour.
Face-to-face in nature, in the classroom, or online.

I offer a brief introductory meeting to discuss the type of accompaniment and whether it would suit both parties - so that we fulfil the necessary conditions of trust and security.